Garden Railway Locomotives

As an approved agent for both Accucraft and Roundhouse Engineering products I always carry a large stock of locomotives. Orders can be taken for any future Accuraft release or Roundhouse Locomotive.

Below is a selection of locomotives currently available in stock, they can be to purchased by calling me.

I am happy to post locomotives, the will be sent insured via courier.


Alternatively by prior arrangement you can collect your locomotive from me at one of the many shows I attend across the country throughout the year.

Move mouse over photos for details about each locomotive

Locomotives In Stock Ready To Purchase

Accucraft 16mm Scale Talyllyn Railway 0-4-2ST ‘TALYLLYN’

Now In Stock!

Call me to day to buy one of the few remaining first batch!

Cost £1650

Also taking orders for the second batch, however there is a slight price increase to £1,675.00

Roundhouse Engineering

Festiniog Railway "Small" George England
Locomotive "Palmerston"

32mm Gauge Only

With R/C - £2495.00
Manual control - £2395.00
all prices include VAT.

Due Late 2021 - Secure yours now!

I am now taking orders for the following Accucraft locomotives Due in 2021

(7/8ths”) scale Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ Class 0-4-0T Diana

Colours available, subject to production batch:


S78-5A Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ 0-4-0T in lined grey, Diana
S78-5B Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ 0-4-0T in lined black
S78-5C Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ 0-4-0T in lined green
S78-5D Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ 0-4-0T in lined maroon

Estimated UK pre-order is £1695.00








Accucraft Live Steam ‘LAWLEY’ Beira & SAR Falcon 4-4-0 Tender Locomotive









32mm or 45mm – gauge adjustable

Versions available, subject to production batch:

S19-36A Lawley NG6 4-4-0, Live Steam, Beira Railway Green
S19-36B Lawley NG6 4-4-0, Live Steam, SAR Green
S19-36C Lawley NG6 4-4-0, Live Steam, SAR Black

 Estimated UK RRP £2950.00 inc. VAT.

Order yours now...

Accucraft 16mm Scale ‘Large’ Quarry Hunslet

Colours available, subject to production batch:

S19-37A Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Red
S19-37B Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Black
S19-37C Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Penrhyn Lined Black
S19-37D Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Blue

Anticipated UK RRP is £1595.00 (subject to the usual provisos)

Accucraft Rolling Stock For Sale and In Stock Now!

R19-25A SR ‘Howard’ Van – SR Brown –  No.47043 £100

R19-25B SR ‘Howard’ Van – L&B Grey – Data Only £100

R19-24 IoM ‘E’ Van, Maroon & Cream £90

R19-6B – W & L Brake Van W&L Light Grey, Data Only £75

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